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Advice and training: services

If you have any questions about open access, we run various sessions to advise you on your rights and options and support you with your publication decisions.

We offer you…

  • One-to-one advice
  • Advice for groups (e.g. research groups)
  • Training and workshops

We will also gladly put on a workshop tailored to your needs. We can help you answer questions about the right publication medium, choosing a license or what criteria providers of research funding impose on open access. For a general overview, we would also recommend our Open Science Coffee Lectures.

If you have a specific question or problem, please never hesitate to contact us directly.

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    We can advise you on…

    Open Access

    Not yet had much to do with open access? We can tell you what models you can choose and whether open access is a suitable option for your publication.

    Finding the right periodical

    Not sure whether a periodical meets academic standards? We can help you spot fake journals and predatory publishers and show you some resources to help you.

    Funding opportunities

    Keen to go down the open-access route but unsure of how to finance your publication? We can show you the funding options available at the University of Bonn.

    Licenses and copyright

    Not sure whether you are legally allowed to publish your research on an open-access basis? We can tell you all about licenses and what you need to watch out for in your contract with your publisher.

    Author IDs (ORCID)

    Been recommended an ORCID iD by your colleagues but not sure what one even is? We would be happy to advise you on how authors benefit from an unambiguous form of identification.


    In many areas, specific factors are used to measure research work. We will be happy to explain to you what they are all about, how they are calculated and what they indicate.


    Open Access Service Center


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