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Funding monographs and anthologies (Publication Fund II)

Need to pay fees for your open-access book or open-access anthology but do not know where to get the money from? Then you can apply for funding from the University of Bonn’s publication fund. Find out how it works here.

What is the publication fund?

The University of Bonn's publication fund for monographs and anthologies can help you to cover the costs incurred when you publish an open-access book. As a researcher at the University of Bonn, you can apply to have your fees (book processing charges) covered.
The fund is managed by the USL Bonn. Students and researchers toward the beginning of their careers (doctoral students and postdocs) are particularly encouraged to apply. The fund has certain criteria and a defined application procedure, both of which are explained below.

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  • The author or editor must be a member of either the University of Bonn or University Hospital Bonn at the time the publication is submitted.
  • The quotation from the publisher must have been obtained by the time the application is made.
  • The publication fee (BPC) does not exceed €10,000 (including VAT).
  • The affiliation "University of Bonn" must be made clear. Please make sure that your publication contains a "Funding Acknowledgement". Please use the following standardized Funding Acknowledgement: "This publication was published at the University of Bonn and supported by the Open Access publication fund of the University of Bonn."
  • We reserve the invoice amount for your publication for 3 months from the scheduled publication date. If you have not received an invoice from the publisher by the deadline, please get back to us and we will reserve the amount for another 3 months. If you do not get back to us, we will release the amount again for other publications.

  • The book or chapter awarded funding must be brought out under a Creative Commons license, ideally CC-BY.
  • Publications funded from the publication fund will also be published subsequently in bonndoc, the University's repository (i.e. the green model).
  • Doctoral theses are eligible only under the following conditions. The thesis ...
    • was written as part of a research project in the humanities, social sciences or law.
    • has been awarded a prize.
    • has been published by a publishing house of high reputation in the respective field.
    • is of special interest to the (scientific/academic) community.
  • The responsible subject librarian at the USL Bonn will make a recommendation whether a thesis should be funded. Please note: Even if the above criteria are met, there is no guarantee that your thesis will be funded.

What does not qualify for funding?

Additional services such as submission charges, page charges, color charges etc. cannot be funded either.

Process: How do I obtain funding?

Please read the following information about the process:

Step by step

Please get a quotation from your publisher first that should contain the following details:

  • A transparent breakdown of the costs
  • Information on the amount of the publication fee
  • Ideally, a planned publication date
  • The publication fees (BPCs) should not exceed €10,000 gross.
  • Got questions about the criteria before you start? Then please email us before submitting your article.

This page lists all the formal criteria. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The following award criteria apply:

  • Applications with a lower publication fee (BPC) will be given priority.
  • One monograph will be funded for each faculty in the humanities and social sciences:

    Faculty of Catholic Theology
    Faculty of Protestant Theology
    Faculty of Law and Economics
    Faculty of Arts
    Funding for one monograph or edited volume from the remaining faculties and units will be awarded at random:
    Faculty of Agriculture
    Faculty of Medicine
    Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
    + central research units
  • Should the funds for a faculty end up not being disbursed, the recipient will be drawn at random from all applications.
  • The Open Access team will complete its assessment by June 15, 2023.

By May 1, 2023, send us an your application containing the following details:

  • Quotation from your publisher (specifying the publication fee)
  • Your faculty and status (postdoc, research assistant, etc.)

What does the Open Access Service Center do?

Applications will need to have been received by May 1 in a given year to be considered for funding. The funding decision will be communicated by June 15 of the same year, after which all applicants will be notified of the outcome by email.

More funding may be allocated if the fund still has money left over after June 15.

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