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Publishing an open-access periodical

Are you publishing a digital periodical but finding publication management convoluted and time-consuming? Would you like to publish a periodical in an open-access format? Allow us to show you one system that is well suited to the task and explain what you need to bear in mind.

The "platinum standard"

Open-access periodicals only contain articles that can be accessed and reused from anywhere in the world free of charge from the moment the periodical comes out. But the platform is key: if you want to publish an article in an open-access periodical run by a publisher, for instance, you will often pay high publication fees (APCs).
By contrast, if the periodical is published on an open-access basis on an open, non-commercial platform, it can be read for free all over the world and will not generate any costs for you as the author. In other words, the process and the platform remain under the control of researchers. This is the simplest and fairest form and is therefore known as platinum (or diamond) open access.

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Setting up a new periodical

Have an idea for a new open-access periodical and seeking a suitable environment for it? We can help you get established and advise you on what you need to bear in mind.

"Moving" your periodical

If you already publish a periodical and would like to make it open-access in the future, we can help you migrate your periodical to a new (digital) environment.

Optimizing your workflow

If open access is not an option for your periodical but you would still like to optimize its workflow, digital management can do that for you too.

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Open Journal Systems

Sending countless emails back and forth during the peer review process? Losing the thread of your publication management? Spending a lot of time communicating with authors?

There is an easier way, you know. Nowadays, there are systems that can assist you with this work: Open Journal Systems (OJS) is one such way of managing and publishing digital periodicals. It provides support for all steps involved in creating a periodical (submission, review, reviewers’ feedback, etc.). OJS allows registered users to be assigned various roles (publisher, editors, authors).

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