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Deal agreement with Elsevier from 1st January 2024

On the 1st January 2024, the university will join the framework agreement negotiated between the Projekt DEAL Group and Elsevier for an institutional agreement. More about DEAL.

Open Access
Service Center

Sharing knowledge, making information accessible to all and accelerating academic debate — these are the aims of open access. The Open Access Service Center can help you publish your research findings in an open-access format, provide support with complying with open-access guidelines and advise on technical and financial issues connected with open access. Feel free to contact us!

You would like to apply directly for funding of your open access publication? Maybe we have an insitutional agreement with the publisher of your choice and your Open Access charges are already covered centrally. Otherwise, use the application form!

Please note that we have run out of funds for monographs and edited books for this year. Applications will be possible again in 2025.


  • What is open access?
  • What models are available?
  • How can I find the right journal?


  • Publication fund for articles
  • Publication fund for monographs
  • Open-access agreements with publishers


  • How can I assign licenses?
  • How can I find authors
  • What standards are there?

Advice and training

We can advise you on all issues connected with open access and help you with your contracts with publishers.

Project DEAL & more

We will tell you about the key forms of infrastructure for implementing open access, such as the DEAL project.


Here you can find an overview of our events. We are also happy to come to your faculty, institute, department or working group.

Publishing work for a second time

Looking to publish your work again in an open-access format now that some time has passed? Want to find out about the legal situation?

Publishing a periodical

Keen to start an open-access periodical?

Planning to digitalize the workflow for your periodical?

Open Science

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Promoting an open science culture is a key component of the University of Bonn's Excellence Strategy.
The term "open science" encompasses a range of measures geared toward guaranteeing transparency, traceability and reproducibility in an increasingly digital academic world. Alongside the Open Access Service Center, the Research Data Service Center can help you make your research findings publicly accessible.

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